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JERO11 (ジェロ十一) is UK-based guitarist and a composer that is heavily inspired by traditional Japanese music.


His original metal guitar arrangements are influenced by Japanese instrumentation or "wagakki" (和楽器), particularly the "koto" (琴) and the shamisen (三味線). His first EP "Summoning the Yokai" is based on traditional Japanese musical scales including the hirajōshi scale (平調子), the tuning for a 13 string koto. JERO also built his own box shamisen (はこちゃん) which is used in his performances. He also 'tried' to build a koto 😅

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3D Artist

JERO11 is also a 3D artist (predominantly using blender3D), with a specific focus on isometric projection of guitars including his GOC Guitars Ilumina, Vajra and his home-built box shamisen.​ 

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UK 2023 Summer tour!

JERO11 is performing at a number of Anime and Japan-centric events around the UK. He is an overexcited soloist 😝and plays guitar/shamisen with a metal/rock setlist using self-made animated backdrops. His performances range from original Japanese inspired pieces to rock and metal covers of anime soundtracks, vocaloid songs and video game music. 

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